SWM RS 250 


When it comes to the off road market, there are few real affordable trail bikes left. The SWM RS 250 might be the best trail bike you gotta have. Providing maximum mid-size versatility to conquer trails, unforgiving climbs or run hard on the track while delivering big thrills without the big budget.

Domino Handgrip

Whether it is off road or even cruising at the normal road. Domino products will never disappoint! Trust in your grip allows the rider to relax the hand and prevent arm pump.  Knowing the precise feel of your throttle control assures each tiny hand movement commands the power exact to your intention. 

Kayaba Suspension

Shocks facilitates the overall stability and smoothness of the bike’s suspension system. The 250 RS Model features the Kayaba Suspension that can help you to get through hurdles!

Brembo Brakes

A braking system, in order to be perfect, must pass the most severe tests, carried out in all the conditions of use, even the most extreme. The Brembo brakes and callipers are the type of the brakes that will be needed in order to pass through hurdles. These callipers and brakes will provide you the best riding thrills that you can ever imagine!